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Revised on 12 July Chef Individual Photo

Rene Frauenfelder
Company Manager

Switzerland’s national chocolate master Rene Frauenfelder has been enjoying an illustrious career since his apprenticeship at the age of 16. He came to the fore after working as a confiseur for Zurich’s legendary confectioner Confiserie Sprungli in 1992 and Belgium’s prominent pastry shop Confiserie Van Damme in 1993. Rene never stops performing his magic to delight the appetites of connoisseurs worldwide. Having captured the heart and palate of many a discerning sweet tooth in some of the most sophisticated markets such as Finland, Belgium and the United States, he enthusiastically accepted Jurg Meier’s invitation and co-founded Gourmet House Limited in Hong Kong in 1994. As Gourmet House’s co-founder and manager, Rene still devotes his time to baking a vast array of unique pastries, exploring unusual flavours, and perfecting every aspect of the production process. His innovative and exceptional operational skills ensure Gourmet House keeps creating quality confectioneries by using the best available raw materials.

Rene Frauenfelder Company Manager: Services
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