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Chef Photo in the Right (Michael  Emmene

Michael Emmenegger
Production Manager

Swiss gourmand Michael Emmenegger fulfilled his childhood dream to become a great all-round pastry chef after more than a decade of experience in a wide variety of fields. He specialises in homemade fudges, caramels, pralines, macaroons, as well as nearly all sorts of traditional Swiss artisan breads. As a self-confessed chocoholic, Michael loves working with chocolate. The versatility of the ingredient provides him with the perfect medium to fashion various chocolate treats out of his signature culinary ideas. After a promising career and a highly successful repertoire in some of the world’s famous patisseries in Brisbane, Sydney, New York, London and Beijing, Michael joined Gourmet House Limited in 2010 as production manager and has been delighting Hong Kong with his confectionery zeal and skills. He also brings to Gourmet House systematic production management know-how to equal the highly demanding standards performed in Switzerland, renowned for its rigour, attention to detail and high level of integrity.

Michael Emmenegger Production Manager: Service
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