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Corporate Gift

A gift that is personalized is always popular and shows you really care. A corporate gift reflects the attitude that you have to business – impress and delight your clients with a box of exclusively made luxuriant chocolates. Set your gift apart and have the recipient talking about your wonderful gift for months to come. Gourmet House has exclusively designed a wide range of personalized corporate packaging to customise your gift and add zest to your marketing plan. Bespoke packaging, together with our sinfully delicious truffles and pralines nestled within, make your gift truly unforgettable.

Corporate Gift: Recipes

Chocolate Napolitains

Logos can be embossed onto the chocolate, or printed onto the wrapper.


Chocolate Bars

Bars of various sizes, either pure chocolate, or with nuts, dried fruits or crispies, come in customized wrappings.


Direct-print/Fondant-print Chocolate Labels and Pralines

You can have your logos, or even product images, printed directly onto chocolates, or onto sugar sheet and then attached onto thin chocolates or pralines.

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Choclate gold coin with embossed logo

Your logo onto the chocolate

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Cocoa Butter Logo print

On pralines

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3D Chocolate Figures

Turn your products into chocolate and amaze your clients!

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Apart from Chocolates

 We also produce high quality bakery treats such as cookies, palmiers and macarons. Explore more now

Logo Printed Cookies


Logo Printed Macarons

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Cookie/Chocolate Lollipops

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Mint or fruit flavoured bonbons with customized logo wrapper

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Corporate Gift: Recipes

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Corporate Gift: Contact
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