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Sirocco, founded in 1908 by Alfons Kuster in a small town on the upper reaches of the Lake of Zurich, rapidly established a reputation for the outstanding quality of its roasted coffee. In 2009, Sirocco applied the same high standards to the new Sirocco organic tea collection. Comprising a choice range of pure teas and blends, the collection promises connoisseurs the consummate enjoyment of the finest teas, produced and processed with the company’s meticulous attention to detail.
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Luxury Tea Sachets
The teas selected for the Sirocco range are packed in fine, handcrafted sachets made of biodegradable materials. Containing no glue or staples, each sachet is individually hand-sewn with non-bleached cotton thread and expresses the love and passion our employees bring to what is, effectively, a miniature work of art.
Chic Food Pairings
- Gentle Blue with lemon macaron
- Camomile Orange Blossoms with honey
- Red Kiss with honey
- White Silver Needle with assorted cookies

Indulge yourself as a world of love, peace and color!
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Certified 100% Organic
Presented in attractive, high-quality packaging, the twelve varieties of Sirocco tea are certified 100% organic and come in handy portion-size sachets . The raw materials
used are sourced from organic farms all over the world. They include Verbena from Paraguay, Nana mint from Morocco and Piz Palü from Puschlav in Switzerland. Sirocco has an ongoing commitment to healthy products and guarantees that all the ingredients used in its tea collection comply with the strictest organic farming regulations.
Fair- Trade
All Sirocco teas are manu-factured under fair trade conditions. We firmly believe that producers in developing countries who share our high standards deserve the credit that comes from contributing to this high quality product.
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