Bakery Savor
Gourmet House provides high quality fresh, frozen savory and bakery items to cater for all your requirements. A series of semi-finished products ranging from tartlets, vol-au-vents, cream horns, wafer rolls, sponge cakes, and frozen cocktail puff pastry is available at all times. Choosing from a wide range of semi-finished products enables an infinite variety of decorating possibilities to define and personalise your product and therefore create something that is unique and individual.
Gourmet House produces over 60 kinds of standard cookies and an infinite variety of tailor-made cookies. Orders can be bulk-packaged or assembled by hand on small attractive trays, which can be served directly at parties or functions.
If you have a favourite recipe or design, we are always happy to customise cookies to suit your particular requirements and occasion.

Chocolate Decoration Items
We carry a wide range of speciality chocolate moulds and designer decoration items to suit all occasions - from grand openings and weddings to anniversaries or seasonal giveaways. So if you want to create your own stunning chocolate masterpiece, or if you would like us to create a tailor-made chocolate mould especially, and only, for you then please click on “
Tailor-Made Speciality

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