About Gourmet House

Gourmet House is an exclusive Hong Kong luxury chocolate company dedicated to the production of high quality, premium chocolate from carefully sourced ingredients in a time-honoured, traditional manner.  As well as hand-made truffles and pralines, we offer an extensive bespoke service including moulded chocolate, custom-made petit fours and seasonal specialities – all hand-made and packaged to our customers’ requirements.  We also carry a wide range of puff pastry, cookies and biscuits.
The company was founded in 1994 by Jurg Meier together with Betty Liu and Rene Frauenfelder.  From a dedicated team of eight the company has steadily grown in size and now has over 80 employees.  With a strong emphasis on manufacturing its products in Hong Kong, Gourmet House has risen to become the major chocolate and pastry manufacturer in the region.

Customer Satisfaction

As quality and customer satisfaction are our highest goals, we place great importance on freshness and quality of our products and raw materials, which we source from all over the world.  We only use the finest couverture from Switzerland and Germany resulting in a premium, deluxe chocolate made with 100% genuine cocoa butter.  Our commitment to excellence, superior quality and innovative ideas remains identical whether our end customer is a shop, an airline or a 5-star hotel – our standards are our business.

Our Team

Jurg Meier (Schoggi Meier / Chocolate Meier as he is affectionately called)
Managing Director

Always a chocolate-loving boy, Jurg’s first memory is of sitting in his parents’ garden in Zurich at Easter, his face smeared with the remnants of the chocolate bunny he had just found. Since then his love affair with chocolate has never ceased. After leaving school he served his apprenticeship as a Master Baker and Confectioner.  It was while working for Sprüngli in Zurich, famous for its masterpieces in confectionery art, that he developed his real passion for using chocolate as a creative medium. Within four years he had risen to the position of Senior Chocolate Dipping Master. Offered the opportunity to work in Hong Kong he enthusiastically accepted, despite not knowing a word of English. He arrived in 1984 and started work for the Peninsula Group. Ten years later, equipped with the knowledge and expertise acquired from working with top hotels and caterers in the region, he founded Gourmet House Limited. Together with hard work, product innovation and a committed staff his business has grown and expanded to what it is today.

Betty Liu
General Manager

Since early childhood the hotel buffet has been Betty’s favourite dining experience. The dessert corner, a particular favourite, provided a delightful opportunity to sample delicious sweets and pastries.  Betty’s passion for food inspired her to seek a ‘dream’ career in a hotel’s food and beverage department. The dream came true in 1981 when she joined an international hotel. Over the next six years she gained immense experience in a variety of departments. In 1986 she took a two-year career break to study management and marketing. After graduating she joined a new Swiss chocolate manufacturing company as assistant manager and deputy to Jurg Meier. Inspired by his innovation and passion for chocolate, it was not long before she became totally immersed in the chocolate making industry. In 1994 she joined Jurg and Rene to found Gourmet House.

Rene Frauenfelder
Production Manager

Rene’s hometown is Winterthur, a small town to the east of Zurich, where his mother still lives and bakes lebkuchen and apple pies which she sends faithfully to Rene every Christmas .  A childhood surrounded by enthusiastic and keen bakers inspired him to apprentice as a Master Baker and Confectioner.  Like Jurg, his first job was working for Sprüngli in Zurich as a Confiseur. He later broadened and deepened his confectionery skills whilst working in many European countries including Finland, Belgium and France.  It was while working in New York that he received a call from Jurg persuading him to come to Hong Kong to help establish the new venture.  As Gourmet House’s Production Manager, Rene devotes his time to developing new products, exploring innovative flavours and controlling every aspect of the production. 

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